Exploitation will lead to Extinction


The Koorma Purana chronicles a period when our country was deprived of rainfall for fifteen long years. As a result; our parched land became the face of death. Flora and fauna perished. Human race had even given up the process of disposing their dead, leaving piles of corpses rotting away. Kings and sages were flummoxed out of their wits. Amidst all this chaos and catastrophe, there existed an oasis of peace and prosperity. The wise men of the age conducted the survivors from all strata of society and arrived at the doorstep of sage Gautama. The Good Samaritan welcomed them warmly. He stretched out his resources to feed and clothe the few thousands who had descended on the Ashram. He prayed for some divine intervention to help him keep his refugees comfortable. Goddess Gayathri   manifested herself in front of her magnanimous devotee and presented him with a Kamandalu   (a water jug with a handle and spout) that was capable of providing the famished hordes their requirements. The distraught refugees who were replenished with their essentials celebrated their host’s hospitality. Although everyone was satiated, jealousy raised her ugly head in the minds of the sages who considered themselves as peers of Gautama Rishi. The envious lot got together and led a cow which was merely skin and bones to the altar of Gautama’s Yajna. The compassionate Gautama got up to lead the bovine to some water. Even as he touched the animal’s face, she collapsed and fell dead. The sages who were waiting to pin the grotesque sin of killing a cow on sage Gautama lost no time to censure him and lead him on a guilt trip. When Gautama recovered from the shock, he was able to see through the devious plot. He declared that it was shameful for the accursed to claim Vedic knowledge when they did not know the basic values of life like truth and compassion.

It is apparent that the drought was a result of mindless living which took toll of the balance in nature. When the victims were provided unconditional support despite their folly, they responded with heartless ingratitude. It is no wonder they were ostracized for their knowledge for it served them no purpose. If we pursue the path of exploitation of fellow living beings and the environment around us we cannot hope to escape extinction.

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