Kannika Parameshwari 2020

I had the privilege to hand knit the dress and handcraft the accessories of Goddess Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari, Malleswaram, Bangalore.
The skirt, blouse and crown have been hand knit using silk yarn known as Malai Dori. Then I knitted strings separately and fixed beads,glass and gemstones as ornaments on them. Then the bejewelled strings were knitted into the main pieces of the costume. The leafy ornamention, ear rings and crescent moon  have been crafted from styrofoam cups and plates and studded with shining craft stones.The garland with heart shaped petals on either side of the goddess was crocheted by my mother.

The idol in the sanctum sanctorum was been adorned with the same on
FRIDAY THE 31st of JANUARY 2020.

A clipping of the Alankaram was telecast on the TTD SVBC-2 in the slot called”AADHYAATMA VISHESHAGALU” at 10.00PM on the same day.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

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