Do A SWOT Analysis Of Yourself

Management principles lay a very high premium on SWOT analysis. It is believed that if every person takes cognisance of his strengths and weaknesses and is alert for the opportunities and threats that come his way, little else can stop him from achieving his aim. If we are under the impression that this is a new age understanding, we must stand corrected.

Panditha Jagannatha, a 16th century poor scholar, was well versed in the Vedas and had a terrific memory. He went to Delhi to seek his fortunes. On reaching the capital, he performed a SWOT analysis of the situation. He realised that he could not walk into the court of Emperor Jahangir at his will. That was a threat that had to be dealt with. Therefore, he waited for an opportunity that would open up his path.

He chose to repose faith in his knowledge and talent which were his strength. One day, when he was strolling in the bazaar, he chanced upon a loud altercation that was taking place between two merchants. He watched the squabble along with the other onlookers. None in the audience could follow the argument because it was in an alien language. Soon the quibblers decided to seek royal justice. They were presented before the court.

The emperor of Hindustan was reluctant to deliver his verdict. He did not want to be unjust because no one could comprehend the content of the argument. At this point of time poet Jagannatha offered his services to resolve the problem. Jagannatha overcame his weakness of being ignorant of the language with his strength. He used his memory power and recited the whole conversation verbatim, though he did not understand a word of Persian. The polyglot in the court translated the same for the emperor and pronounced his judgment.

The story does not end there. Jagannatha was invited to take position as the court poet. He was encouraged to use his talents and knowledge to build a secular state. He was conferred the title of Panditha and many rewards. This historical incident stands testimony to the power of human intelligence. If we are in touch with ourselves and the world around us, doing a SWOT analysis can always help us see a way out and help us realize our fondest dreams despite all obstacles.

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