First Times Are A Must To Savour Life

July 06, 2015, DHNS

Our first cry, our first step, our first smile, our first word, our first blooper have invariably become family stories.

Our first day at school, our first meeting with the child who grew up to be the best friend in our lives, our first picnic, our first prize, our first love have become a invaluable part of our memories.

Even unpleasant and tragic events like our first failure, our first accident, and our first encounter with the dead body of a loved one can leave indelible impressions on our minds.

Yet, people shy away from trying out anything new for they like to lead a risk-free life.

They refuse to take the untrodden path for the sheer fear of failure. Even if they are for some reason forced to initiate action in a hitherto unknown field, they make sure that they are suitably prepared for the coming adventure.

They do their homework on the subject. They make it a point to get in touch with those who have been there and done that in hope of getting a glimpse of what lays in store for them.

The spade work definitely makes them feel at ease when they come across the pre-mentioned situations.

However the flipside of the process is that people always go on expecting a certain course of events and their preoccupation in comparing notes makes them fail to relish the ongoing process.

William Shakespeare has captured the essence of the thrill and the romance of doing things for the first time in his play The Merchant of Venice.

He cites examples of a person who has had a sumptuous feast may not feel the same appetite or desire to eat another meal again, however much he may have enjoyed it.

A horse that practises for a race may not feel the same energy towards the end of the session like he felt during his initial canter.

A traveller may not be impressed by the sights and sounds of his return journey like he was when he was on his way to his destination.

A ship which is shined and decorated when it sets sailing may return with damaged sides and sagging sails.

These instances are but pointers to the fact there can be a world of difference between maiden ventures and repeating a process.

The anxiety and curiosity factor can never ever be experienced again when redoing an activity, because we can ace the activity with practice.

Every person must consciously try out something new every now and then. Just to renew the spirit of adventure for  the first times are a must to spice up
our lives and make it meaningful.

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