Surviving Testing Times

Most of us feel very embittered at times when we are let down by the people we trust and love.

The agony and the depression that we undergo during these moments can be very painful and filled with self introspection and self reproach. The most recurring questioning thought in one’s mind at such times is invariably, “Why Me?”

We shudder at the thought of having been taken for a ride feel ridiculed, hurt and agonized. We often recoil into our shells and start living by the adage, “Once bitten twice shy”. Moral and spiritual support appears to be of little solace to us because we start wallowing in self pity.

If you happen to be going through one such phase in life, this is the right time to reflect deeply on your state of mind. You are not alone in this world. People have faced these situations across the scale of time and place.

It is well known that Jesus Christ was crucified two millennia ago because he was betrayed by his beloved disciple Judas Iscariot for a mere thirty pieces of silver.  He was flogged, insulted, teased and was made to bear his own heavy cross up the hill of Calvary, only to be crucified.

People who loved him and hated him surrounded the man who was speechless out of exhaustion; perhaps he also saw the futility of words for he realised that “Speech is Silver while Silence is Golden.” Nevertheless he realised the possibility of a great unrest in the aftermath of his crucifixion so his parting words to the crowd sought forgiveness for his wrongdoers.

The people who witnessed the gruesome event were awestruck at the poise and equanimity of the benevolent soul who accepted the most excruciating moments of his life with utmost grace and dignity. They realised that it was possible for him to behave in this fashion because deep down inside, he was convinced that he was right though some of the people around him did not think so.

There are times when you feel that you have been that your trust has been breached, you have been wronged or hurt even though you know that you have not erred. They are testing times in which you need to prove your moral strength –the strength of Truth.

These are times when you have to remember and believe in the words of William Shakespeare who said, “And this above all to thine own self be true and it follows as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.”

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