Role Model Parent

Urban India has come of age – economically! The influx of wealth has swept in a sea change in the attitudes of people towards money and life.

The moneyed have transformed themselves as high-end consumers and are gradually losing their sense of balance and reality. Sometimes adults are able to recognise and rectify their spendthrift ways when tweaked to see sense. However, the children, who are mute witnesses and passive participants in this vulgar flash of wealth, imbibe materialism. They invariably lose their innocence and sense of propriety and think that they can get away with anything.

In this scenario, it is important to realise that the kids are mere victims of the affluence of their parents. Indulgent parents are ready to go to any lengths to fulfill even the most whimsical demands of their children. As a result, they breed insensible and insensitive citizens who flourish like killer weeds in society.

Dhritarashtra, the blind Kuru king and father of Kauravas was discontented and resentful of his nephews, the Pandavas. He nurtured his sons’ hatred for their cousins. He was party to all the atrocities heaped upon the Pandavas. He secretly approved of the several attempts that were made on the lives of his brother’s sons. He misused his sovereign powers and deceit to wean the Pandavas of their rightful kingdom.

Dhritarashtra was often counseled and reprimanded severely by his half-brother Vidura to mend his ways. There were times when the blind king understood the enormity of his blunders and the terrible repercussions of his acts. Nevertheless, he continued to patronise his evil sons and supported them to perpetrate devious crimes.

The blind king looked upon his sons as instruments of revenge who would eventually settle scores for him. This is why he seldom attempted to abort the acrimony and animosity of his sons towards their cousins. He never exercised his rights as a father to correct his sons and give them the right values. He was certainly no role model material who could lead his wards by example. Ultimately, his blind love scripted the destruction and demise of his sons.

Children mostly learn by observing the people around them. Hence, it is mandatory for adults especially parents, older siblings and teachers to be careful about their words, actions and behaviour in the presence of young people with impressionable minds. It is only then they will earn the moral right to correct their juniors and pave way to a world with cleaner and healthier minds.

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