Make Your Own Zany Bookmarks

Are you sometimes at a loss as to what to do when you are bored? Why don’t you make bookmarks for yourself and your friends?

Usually bookmarks are long strips of thick paper with cartoons, cool pictures or funny sayings.
Here’s a quick and simple way of making very special bookmarks. You would need a few ice-cream spoons, varnish, two round brushes numbered triple zero and a set of fabric paints.
*  Apply varnish on either side of an ice-cream spoon
*  Paint the hair line, eyebrows, eyes and eyelash of the Indian woman’s face with utmost care, in black
*  Use a pale shade of red to draw a line to suggest the nose.
*  Use maroon to paint the lips and mark a bright red bindi on the forehead
*  You could dab tiny green and gold in dots along the neckline to imply a necklace
*  You could sign and write a brief message on the back of the spoon with an ink pen
Your exotic Indian face is ready for use as an unusual bookmark.1 (5)

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