You have probably seen similar wall hangers on road sides sold at very nominal rates.

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Though there happens to be a steady market for this piece of handicraft, there is a tribe of people who refrain from purchasing these floral hangings just because they do not have the stamp of being exclusive. Here is a something you can craft on your own by giving it your special personal touch.

For this you will need ice candy sticks which are readily available in the market. You can also buy a few rare varieties of artificial flowers like sunflowers, gerberas, buttercups, marigold or buttercups instead of the regular roses and leaves which will compliment the flowers. You will need a quarter meter of green ribbon, some gold or silver coloured sequins a tube of glue and some varnish.

* First apply varnish on the ice candy sticks to give it the glossy look.

* If you happen to have old and curdled nail polish add a few drops of acetone to it and use it instead of varnish the effect will be much more glamorous.

* Once the ice candy sticks are dry, arrange them in a crisscross pattern till you are satisfied with the resultant shape of the grill and glue them into place.

* Stick the chosen sequins in the mid points where the ice candy sticks cross each other to give it the nailed in look.

* Bring out the assortment of the flowers you have and arrange them in the company of the leaves till you feel good about it. (Please keep in mind that you should not go in for too many dissimilar flowers especially if your stick grill is very small.)

* Stick the leaves first and then glue the flowers onto it so that the leaves will appear to be in the background and also allow some of the sequins to peep from here and there.

* Fold the green satin ribbon into a loop, turn the grill over and paste the ribbon all the way across the diagonal of the crisscrossed grill.

* This will help the ribbon to bear the weight of the piece without any strain.

* Even if the green ribbon appears to peep out at places, it will not be an eyesore because it will blend with the leafy greenery which is on the front side of the grill.

* Now you will have your very own wall hanging ready. These finished pieces can be hung over study tables or even mantelpieces.

* They can really stand out in narrow or small wall areas. They look their best when they brighten the pelmet regions above the door or when hung on the doors themselves.

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