DIY — Wired Penstand

The next time you come across a lot of plastic bottles, think twice before you dispose them; they could be turned into covetable objects of utility and beauty if you care to spend some time and imagination.

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Look at the picture alongside, to make a similar stand which can be used to place stationery, spoons or toothbrushes you need, used one-litre water bottles, a skein of plastic wire usually used for making clothesline, blade, adhesive, sequins, a lighted candle.


Cut the bottle, so that it measures five or six inches in height by using a hacksaw blade. Clean the base of the bottle thoroughly and rub the open end on a rough floor or stone to even out rough edges.

Burn one end of the wire at a burning candle to prevent it from unwinding at a later point of time. Apply adhesive on the bottle’s surface and wind the wire around evenly from top to bottom and see to it that the layers do not overlap each other. Burn the end of the wire again at the end of the exercise to ensure that the wire remains intact. Stick sequins of a contrasting colour in a pattern of your choice uniformly around the pen stand before you put it into use.

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