Follow Policy of Live and Let Live

Japan, one of the most advanced countries in the world is in doldrums today because it is not in tune with nature.

Geological studies have earmarked the region as “prone to earth quakes” yet man dared to brave the region’s seismic forces and unleashed his creativity in the region. The feet of women were bandaged to make their feet look petite and the Haiku couplets encapsulated their poetic thoughts.

The Japanese mind decided to make optimum use of the minimum space available and concentrated on growing plants the Bonsai way and shape watermelons into cubes so that they do not take up too much space when being packaged. The race that uses clothes that are marked small in size effectively erased the after effects of World War II utilising tonnes of will power and ploughing in diligent labour.

Computers which filled up a good part of the room initially have now been dwarfed to the size of a human palm. Cell phones pack in every possible contraption in its lithe form, and the one of the best transport systems of the world is run on nuclear power. Just about everything in the land of the rising sun is understandably undersized, well organised and absolutely compact.

Ready to face challenge

The island nation houses a population that is supremely ready to face the worst turns and twists of nature. This time around the country is being riddled in turns both by nature and the handiwork of man namely – nuclear power.  It is time for mankind to introspect on the nature of its progress which is actually proving to be regressive. Industrialisation and urbanisation had weaned man away from the forces of nature and had put him on a materialistic track.

When “Nature’s High Priest” William Wordsworth wrote —“The world is too much with us; late and soon, Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers”— he possibly did not have the recent Tsunami and it’s after effects in mind. Yet his lyrics written almost three centuries ago in a comparatively less materialistic and less polluted world, seems to be more meaningful today, than ever before! The power of knowledge, intelligence and ability to analyse has apparently failed man because of his greed for power and money not necessarily in that order. Progress has certainly taken toll of mankind because he simply turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to the desperate cry of nature.

Perhaps the solution to the twin problems of being bogged down by natural disasters and resultant economic crisis faced by the residents of the planet lies in the word “Pagan”. When Wordsworth said Great God! I’d rather be a Pagan suckled in a creed outworn; it is easy to see that he was pained at the thought of paying a heavy price in the name of progress. His thoughts are more on the lines of Mahatma Gandhi who remarked, “The earth has enough for everyman’s need but not for his greed.”

Worshippers of forces of nature — pagans probably sound very ancient, but they exude a warmth and bonding with Mother Nature which is the need of the hour. At this point it will be interesting to note that nearly all civilisations enjoyed compatibility with Nature and its elements in the very beginning. It was only over a period of time that they started parting ways until they became a law unto themselves. Result – global warming, rising sea levels, earth quakes, Tsunamis et al.

This is not the time to play the blame game. It is time to pull up our socks and don the thinking hat and display our latent fine humane sensibilities. It is time for us to undo and unlearn so that the slates of our minds are clean to take a new  leaf of learning from the poem and learn to revere the life around us by following the policy of “live and let live.” and lead by example by being a “New Age Pagan”.

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