The Business Of Beauty

Today we live in a world where the buzzword is specialisation. The time is ripe to convert passions into professions. Those with an affinity to beautician courses can consider specialising in any of the various branches of beauty therapy.

Of late, skills that were earlier handed down by senior professionals to juniors have been given an academic structure. A number of official courses in India help groom saloon entrepreneurs. These skill-based courses coupled with national and international professional certification turn learners into professionals. Students can pick any of the 18 areas in cosmetology and become a world-class hair or skin expert.

According to an old joke, a hair stylist is nothing but an elevated barber. This no longer holds good as students taking up these courses are trained thoroughly in skills like hair colouring, straightening, perming, air brush makeup,  personal grooming and bridal makeup. If a student invests 30 to 60 hours over a period of six to eight weeks, he or she will certainly land a well-paid job relatively early.

Courses available in Europe and the US are making their way to Asian countries. A number of cosmetics companies like Lakme, Ponds and Ayur offer courses to train individuals to work at their boutique and showrooms. Ancient Indian beauty treatments are being incorporated into contemporary beautician courses.

The International Skin and Hair Academy (ISHA), linked to the UK City and Guild University, offers 14 such courses ranging in duration from six months to three years. They not only assure 100 per cent placement after the completion of the course but also provide scope for international experience.

Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College in Malleswaram, Bangalore, offers several such beauty-related diploma courses, which can empower young people to make a mark for themselves. Also in Bangalore, the BMS College for Women encourages undergraduate students to take up beautician diploma courses alongside their main course.

A leading bank like HDFC offers loans for students keen on pursuing courses in beauty treatment, which points to the acceptance that this branch of studies has secured from the financial world.

Besides hair care, students can undergo training in skin care, beauty culture, professional makeup and bridal makeup.

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