Maize Mane Doll

Corn silk dolls

The next time you buy corn or jola or bhutta, don’t throw away the silky threads. You can make tiny dolls from the strands for your kids or to adorn your showcase. Spend a little time and imagination on the exercise.

You will need the silky hair of the corn, a pair of scissors, thread, glue, match sticks and some fabric paint to make your doll which will measure not more than three inches.


STEP 1: Arrange the entire corn silk evenly and fold it by half approximately. (You will find that the length of these strands will be uneven.)

STEP 2: Take a thread and wind it tightly a little way (around 2 cm) below the looped end to form the head of the doll.

STEP 3: Take a match stick, cut out the combustible portion and place it right below the head of the doll and bind it firmly in place using the thread. The head and the torso of the doll are ready now.

STEP 4: Use the scissors to trim the uneven portion at the lower end of the doll.

STEP 5: Use fabric paints to mark the facial features of the doll and also paint her skirt in colours of your choice.

STEP 6: If you have deft fingers, twist a couple of fibre strands into a long plait and fasten both ends firmly with the thread.

STEP 7: Glue the plait over the head of the doll in such a way that your doll has two pigtails.

Once you master the art of making these dolls, you can make many such dolls and paste them on the walls of your showcase with a cellophane tape. They will last for years if left untouched.

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