Appropriate Counsel For The Path Of Righteousness

If one has been observant, one must have often noticed that people have a lot of issues in voicing their opinions during a discussion.

While some of them want to butt in with their views every now and then, there are others who bide their time and then there are yet others who prefer to remain the poster on the wall.

The nature of the discussion could be formal or otherwise but the outlook of the majority is generally taken into consideration.

The arguments and solutions, if any, which follow such debates, may or may not be in the best interests of all concerned.

At such times, one is generally thrown into a quandary for want of appropriate counsel.

The finer points of the case which involve human values, ethos, time, place and circumstances are often overlooked in favour of what appeals to the masses in the light of justice.

Analysing a given situation and arriving at a suitable decision can be a challenging task.

If the matter involves intricacies of dharma which seems to defy plain logic at the outset then it can be excruciatingly difficult to arrive at a palpable conclusion.

It often takes a great mind and a kinder heart for a person to chart out a course of action that will not swerve from the path of righteousness.

An instance from the Mahabharata highlights the importance of cool and calculated thinking which explores every option before taking the extreme step.

When the Pandavas completed their period of exile and a year in incognito, they discussed their future plans in the court of Virata with the finest of men who were on their side.

Though declaring war against the Kauravas was articulated by the majority, Krishna brushed it aside.

Instead, he suggested trying out peace talks with the enemy camp, despite knowing the vindictive nature of the Kauravas which would trigger off the impending war.

Most of the warriors on the side of the Pandavas were deeply disappointed with Krishna’s suggestion, but deep inside they knew that his decision must be justified and they carried out his plan. This episode can serve as a guide when we are faced with testing times.

We can certainly do well, to analyse a matter threadbare, weigh its pros and cons and approach it with a win-win theme before taking the extreme step.

Then, one can be guilt-free, stay clear of blame games and expect the continued support of one’s team that can see us through any situation.

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