Green Building Practices

Green plumbing practices are being implemented as part of the overall concept of ‘green buildings’ which has been propagated by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

“The IGBC criteria for green buildings have water efficiency as an integral part. Water-efficient landscaping, water-efficient air-conditioning systems, innovative waste water technologies and water use reduction by use of water-efficient fixtures are the main features of this project. Apart from the mandatory aspects, this project also pays detailed attention to other aspects of water management like storage, treatment, conveyance and distribution of water.  Apparently this exercise will consume energy. Conservation and judicious use of water should not result in thoughtless waste of energy. Hence the project also sees to it that energy is saved to a large extent and there is a reduction in the quantum of residual water to be disposed off.

The concept of green buildings should be accepted as a critical necessity rather than an option.

The Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) has been playing a very important role in sensitising the industry about green practices. Today, several renowned international plumbing product manufacturers have entered the Indian market with their international products which follow a uniform plumbing code. This measure now allows the end-users to choose from a wide variety of water conserving plumbing fixtures.

President of Indian Plumbing Association Sudhakaran Nair says that the organisation’s mission is to propagate the cause of ‘Better Plumbing for Better Living.’   Green Plumbers India (GPI) was launched on February 5, 2010 with the mission of setting the plumbing scenario of our country right. This body is working with the plumbing and mechanical industry, government departments, large construction organisations, educational institutions, developers, and builders to implement ambitious green plumbing practices. Green Plumbers India has a national training and accreditation programme that assists plumbers and professionals concerned to understand their role in environment and public health.

The organisation’s goal has been to train and deploy a green army of thousands of plumbers and professionals to promote the benefits of water conservation and the reduction of green house gas emissions. The focus of Green Plumbers India is on advising the consumer and improving plumbing and mechanical systems through the use of energy-efficient and water-saving technologies. In the long run, they hope to include plumbing systems with reference to heating, ventilation and refrigeration systems.

When one analyses the impact of the programme, one can see it touch the lives of manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, designers and plumbers – in other words –  the entire industry.

This step will not only spell prosperity for the plumbing industry but will ensure energy, healthy and hygienic society.

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