GE Edison Challenge

Audeamus 2009 Symbiosis Institute of Business Management’s inaugural annual HR Conclave, Audeamus 2009, was held on December 18 and 19, 2009 at SIBM Bangalore.

Audeamus was a two-day event, featuring Blitzkrieg, a corporate quiz, and a knowledge-sharing platform called Symposium. Prasad and Mitesh from Kotak and Sun Microsystems, respectively, emerged winners for Blitzkerg. Symposium covered topics like Demystifying Careers and Role of Key Players, Entrepreneurial Skills, Contemporary HR issues in Business, and Careers in Management. Industry chiefs and academics like Hema Ravichandar, Padmaja Alaganandan, Prof Vasanthi Srinivasan, R Vidyasagar, and Kovai Chelvan were the panel members.

Edison’s Challenge 2009
Engineering students across India were given a platform to showcase their knowledge and skills at the John F. Welch Technology Center (JFWTC), a research unit of General Electric’s (GE) in Bangalore recently. Close to 200 entries from 86 colleges were shortlisted to 18 teams. The teams were then invited  to exhibit their models and explain their experiments at the GE campus. The final challenge for the teams was to identify problems in rural India which can be solved through sustainable energy practices. The team from IIT Kharagpur designed a ‘Bio-mass cell’, powered by cowdung. The team from MIT Manipal  explored the possibilty of using ethanol as a possible source of power. The panel of judges included Dr J Gururaja, former advisor to Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India, Dr H Gouda, Asst GM, Karnataka, Renewable Energy Development Ltd., and Prof H Dasappa from the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, IISc, Bangalore. The IIT Madras team, winners of ‘GE Edison Challenge 2009’, won Rs 5 lakh.

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