Practical Aesthetics

You can do up your home space with the use of simple and practical objects at home, advises Radha Prathi

Having a beautiful home does not necessarily mean having a spacious home filled with exotic pieces of arts and crafts that reflect favourably on your aesthetics. If you have aesthetic sense and a sense of creativity, you can even make your one room-tenement look beautiful and innovative by working around a few things in and around your home. It is quite possible that you are in a new location temporarily on a transfer, or perhaps you have rented premises while waiting for a better accommodation.

Then it is most likely that you don’t quite like the idea of decorating your home for practical reasons. Well, these situations do not certainly mean that you have to run your home without paying any attention to its décor.

Multipurpose use

It is understandable that you cannot do away with your necessities. For instance, you cannot possibly crowd your wall with a calendar, mirror, wall clock, a painting or a poster, all at once. But you can certainly work your way around this problem by rolling them all into one. Procure a clock which is ornate and shows the date too.

Find a large poster to match your wall and fit the clock in a strategic position in the poster.
Space crunch

Many people who have space constraints, tend to hang up things, which is not a bad idea for today, since there is hardly any space to store things. If you want to circumvent this setback, here is an idea that you can implement without spending much money, time or energy.

First of all, take stock of all the things that you would like to hang up, and look for spots where they could be hung up without turning out to be an eyesore. Then shop for aesthetic wall hangings with several pockets. You can find them made from cloth, jute, crocheted yarn or wire available in shops that sell home accessories or in handicraft exhibitions. Since driving nails into walls or doors is not a very good idea, buy a couple of large vacuum holders which can act in the capacity of nails and fix them behind doors, near the washbasin, dressing table/ study table, kitchen area, corridor or wherever else you think you might need to keep things that you need on a daily basis.Then hang these bags. You will find them handy to keep all your needs, right from your accessories, toiletries, bills, books, guarantee cards, mail, tools, charger among other things, for which you can reach out whenever necessary. If you are familiar with needle work, they are easy to recreate and you can have the satisfaction of giving these pieces your personal touch.

Little accessories can make a difference to your décor, especially if they happen to stem out of your imagination.
1 (13)
Collect the cardboard cylindrical container when you buy tennis balls or ready-to-eat savouries, take-away plastic food containers supplied by hotels, and put them to use.They can be cut short to a comfortable size and you can work on them. Use a good glue and paste coloured paper/ sequins/ shells or beads, all over these containers without leaving a gap and give it a unique look. These containers can be placed in strategic points around the premises and used in the capacity of a delightful flower vase, a spoon stand, toothbrush stand or a pen stand, to compliment your home with a personal touch.

If you have an additional cooking gas cylinder in your home, do not let it mar a corner in your precious little space. Wash it clean without tampering with the seal and drape it with a beautiful knee-length skirt, preferably with some embroidery or frills. Brightly coloured floral lungis or dupattas could also be improvised into skirts and thrown around the cylinder. Tuck the extra length of the skirt or the cloth at the top, such that there are no uneven lengths of the skirt or cloth hanging about distractedly. Find a good length of satin ribbon and fasten it around the neck of the cylinder. You could place a suitable round shaped tray made of a light material and use it as a table top. Your telephone, artifacts, family pictures or any other item that may hold your fancy, could be displayed there.
Never place an ashtray, lighted candles or lamps on your ‘designer’ table, or any other inflammable material.

Your personality and aesthetics will reflect better in smaller spaces and will give you a sense of satisfaction and security for having done up your personal space, however humble it may be.

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