Positives Of Positive Energy


Radha Prathi explains how feng shui works well for a happier and healthier home

When one thumbs most magazines or surfs channels on the television, it is impossible to overlook the presence of the theory of feng shui in one way or another. It has achieved the status of a religion these days, in the realms of housekeeping across the globe.

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Well, to those who are novices to the art of feng shui, it is a Chinese way of living, and when translated, it literally means wind and water. Practitioners of this art (which is based on logic aesthetics and science), have explored several facets of this way of living. They have come up with theories, artefacts and symbols, which when adapted by the common man, can do wonders to his standard of living, by ushering in peace and prosperity that was hitherto unknown. Like any religion or way of living, feng shui also has a set of do’s and dont’s which, when followed, can bring about remarkable changes in one’s life. It is important to remember that the principles are merely pointers to a way of living, which suggest that one should live in harmony with nature.

Do away with clutter

Feng shui believes that a cluttered home ushers in bad or negative energy, which can prove to be detrimental to the residents of a home or office. Chi — the positive energy force — will dither at the thought of entering a home that is not clean. The panacea to this problem lies in cleaning up one’s home and dispensing with goods and objects that one no longer needs to use.
Wind & water

Feng shui insists that an ideal home, full of positive energy, should thrive on a generous amount of wind and water (read as ventilation, light and sanitation). Good circulation of air and an adequate amount of sunlight seeping in through our homes, can keep quite a few diseases at bay and also help us cut down on electricity charges to a large extent. Feng shui insists that a premium should be put on using water efficiently and optimally, because wastage of water resources symbolically suggests wastage of money.

If one sincerely follows the system, it will not merely rake in material benefits, but will also improve the aesthetics and positive vibrations of your home, all the while keeping in tune with nature which is the need of the hour!

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