Don’t Compromise On Truth, Integrity And Dignity

We are denizens of an extremely competitive world, consumed by corporate cannibalism.

There are times when people realise that they have been taken for a ride all along, long after the matter winds up against their better interests. There is really no point in feeling let down or deceived at the end of it all.

True, it can be demoralising when we are not included in key projects that were originally seeded by us or not being acknowledged for working on a successful assignment. The obvious solution to such a problem would be to steer clear of such people. Yet, if circumstances and the nature of our work require us to be constantly in the orbit of such people, we must work out a strategy to overcome the obstacle.

The Mahabharata reveals to us that we are not alone in this world. The Pandavas were practically in similar situations all their lives right from childhood. They were victims of their evil cousin Duryodhana’s stratagems, which invariably aimed at wiping them off the face of earth.

Bhima was poisoned as a child; the five brothers and their mother were meant to be burnt to death in the palace of wax, they were handed over an unwieldy piece of land to rule to put them off; they were unfairly stripped of their wealth and distinction and exiled; elaborate searches were organised to seek them out of their incognito existence; they were enticed to wage a gory war despite their willingness to accept merely five villages.
The Pandavas went through all the trials and tribulations with their dignity intact. They never quite advertised their adversities.

Nor did they spend time moping over their misfortunes. They chose to remain silent at the behest of better counsel by Vidura, Bhishma and Krishna from time to time. At the same time, they worked on polishing their mental and martial skills learning from the novel experiences they were put through. In other words they mastered the art of excelling themselves which led to their righteous and final triumph.

If we hope to emerge victorious from the rat race, it is important for us to keep in mind not to compromise on basic values of truth and integrity. Equanimity and patience can prove to be an inimitable virtue.

A word of advice from well wishers and mentors can help us look at the difficulty with a new insight. It will do us a world of good to keep our antenna up and watch out for possible conspiracy, connivance and misrepresentations.

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