Stop,Who Goes There?

Ensuring security for ones home is not a new concept. But the measures to do so, are becoming more and more high-tech, observes Radha Prathi

When we visit ancient buildings, temples, churches, forts, palaces and prisons, it is difficult to miss the huge locks, keys, padlocks and safety chains, that were used to provide maximum security to the inmates and the valuable things that may be present inside. With the coming of technology, heavy security ware, made usually of iron, gave way to lighter materials like brass and then to steel and even aluminium. The security scene frothed with brainteasers when complex number lock and treasure hunt procedures were incorporated to the security system to make the process cryptic and thereby complicated.

A journey through the security measures that have been adapted by the world through ages can be a fascinating experience as we gain insight into the necessity and the significance of the measure. Just like man has left no stone unturned to improvise the best safety measures for himself, so also here have been another set of people determined to break all the barriers (read locks), hence the industry that has set out to come up with infallible systems, is thriving on both, research and development.

Rising surveillance

Customised locks, unique designer locks with just one set of keys, number locks, double locks, etc, have met their Waterloo in one way or another. The increasing crime rate and insecurities have resulted in the introduction of several home surveillance products in India in the last few decades. Factories, organizations, offices, malls, commercial complexes and rich homes have availed this facility to a large extent but the general masses have been ignorant about them mainly because security was not so much of a hazard as it is today.

Industrialisation and urbanisation have fragmented the society we live in, beyond recognition. People hardly know their neighbours and everyone cannot afford a security guard. Most of the urban populace that lives in high-rise buildings, does have security devices besides security guards to protect the residents of the apartments from strangers, salesmen and possible theft. In such a scenario, people are realising that each one should take care of himself in the best possible manner. If technology can help man to arrive at a plausible solution at affordable rates, then one should not hesitate to avail them in the best possible manner.

More gadgets

Of late, several professional security companies in India have come up with popular home security systems, which are now gaining acceptance in the public. They include CCTV cameras, web cameras, electronic alarm devices, intercepting intercom systems, locks, digital recording devices, wireless systems, and surveillance cameras in various levels of coverage. When people go away on long holidays or when they leave senior citizens or children at home and are away for an entire day, these devices can be put into use in an optimum manner. These devices are interlinked and activated in such a way that if they sense anything awry the alarms will go off at the nearest police station.  There are several local companies that customise these devices according to the needs of the customer. Rajesh of Red Fort Technologies, mentioned that people prefer their surveillance systems to be connected to their relatives or friends who in turn, can alert the police.

Then there are automated devices like swipe cards, contraband detecting devices, identification tags, which are largely used in corporate offices, malls and in some homes that also function as offices. In some places that need high security, like forensic laboratories, high-profile boardrooms and intensive care units of hospitals, biometric devices have been introduced where a password is required in the form of a fingerprint or capturing the reflection of  the cornea of an eye to let the inmates in.

Ritvik, manager of  Dimensions Digital Controls Private Limited, based in Bangalore, a dealer and distributor of various home automated devices, mentioned that Bangalore is the happening place for the maximum sales of these devices. His company markets Zicomhome, a security system for homes, factories and offices. His product is a sophisticated electronic security system that has been carefully designed and comprises of  ‘colour video door phone outdoor unit‘. This outdoor unit has a doorbell and a camera that allows you to view anything that is 25 feet outside the door. It has a built-in light, which offers perfect clarity in darkness. The system also has a remote control which can arm and disarm the system. The sophisticated ‘colour video door phone’ can help see whoever rings your doorbell even without opening the door.

One can understand that security devices have truly come of age when devices like the magnetic sensor, gas leak sensor, are being manufactured and marketed to prevent inadvertent accidents and major disasters. The latest technology allows these fantastic devices to be linked to GSM mobile systems so that they can be operated even when one is miles away from the venue.

Internet based technologies, home security products, are putting the hectic lifestyles of people on a more relaxed mode when they can abstain from worrying about keeping their loved ones and their valuables safe — without worrying about keys, their duplicates et al…

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