Crisis Management

The daily grind of life often poses us with unforeseen obstacles or even crisis of some sort. Usually our reaction to such a situation is likely to border between, Why me? Or more simply, panic.

A lot of time is lost in complaining, ranting or raging and by the time we find a solution to the problem, it is quite possible that the issue may have been, sometimes irrevocably out of proportion.

Rabindranath Tagore said, “When our necessity becomes urgently insistent. When the resources that have sustained us so long are exhausted, then our spirit puts forth all its force to discover some other source of sustenance deeper and more permanent.”

True, Necessity is the mother of invention. Yet if man understands that crisis management in human life is a process and is very different from fire fighting, he can overcome any obstacle in life.

Crisis management requires a sense of discipline nurtured by Truth and Compassion. One can develop these qualities by imbibing them from parents, teachers and role models. These qualities can be nurtured by pursuing an art or a sport of ones choice passionately.

Qualities like dedication, perseverance, restraint, patience and creative thinking will seep into one’s personality during intense training and practice sessions. These qualities will stand a person in good stead during times of crisis.

One of the best instances of superior crisis management can be found in the Mahabharata, in the episode of Yaksha Prashne. Yudhishtira is shell shocked to see his beloved brothers lying dead on the banks of an enchanted pool. His attempt to reach out to his brothers is aborted by a thundering voice.

The prince promptly realises that there could be a possible connection to the bodiless voice and the dismal sight in front of his eyes. He understands that a possible solution to the crisis lies in answering the invisible Yaksha’s questions to the best of his capabilities. So, he gathers his wits to answer the highly philosophical questions promptly and appropriately.

He was able to override the crisis and bring his brothers back to life because he did not lose his head at the face of calamity.

Years of disciplined life punctuated with Truth and Compassion had supplied him with the strength to overcome the crisis positively.

Our lifestyles have changed, but it will stand us in good stead if we do not lose sight of the underlying values and principles of life which can salvage us unscathed during times of crisis!

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