Festive Colours At Your Doorstep


This Deepavali, try out a new rangoli and make a difference to your hearth and home.

Rangoli is perhaps one of the most ancient arts which can accept any improvisation or innovation. The tradition of each region has its own prescribed methods followed to this day. Yet, special occasions like festivities and functions call for exclusive varieties which can be worked on at intervals, at your convenience and will last as long as you want without creating a mess or fuss.

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Here are a few tips which can be used by all the people who are not familiar with the traditional art or simply want to try out something different this Deepavali.

There are certain ground rules to be followed while making these patterns. First choose the place where you will be displaying the rangoli and wipe it clean. Then take a piece of wet white chalk and sketch out a rangoli or pattern of your choice.

Check if the outcome is proportionate and symmetric and correct the same if necessary. Once you are satisfied with the design you can fill it up in any one of the many different ways.

You could use flowers, leaves and even grated vegetables to pep up your rangoli, but then these varieties may not last very long  for all the trouble you have taken. They dry up giving a withered look and sometimes get disturbed when there is a gust of wind.
Some longer lasting methods have been suggested here for getting better results.

Place conch shaped macaroni along the outline and fill in the interiors with masoor dal for pink, green gram and channa dal for yellow.

Make sure you wash the grains quickly under running water and dry them in the shade to make them glow.

Take rock salt and colour them with different rangoli colours.

Fill the rangoli with contrasting colours. Once it is filled use your finger and move it evenly and steadily along the outline of each contour creating space. Then fill the outlines with plain rock salt without disturbing the rest of the design. Place coins or sea shells along the outlines and fill the insides with saboo dana to give it that pearly look.

Colourful crepe and art paper or tailor waste cloth can be shredded and used to fill the pattern tastefully. The outlines can be highlighted by placing a series of golden and silver coloured safety pins in succession.

Ice cream sticks or straws could be cut to required lengths and placed along the outlines and the inner portions could be filled with colourful crayons arranged aesthetically.
If you have coloured flooring, and also have the talent of freehand drawing, wet the floor lightly and spread sand on the pre-decided area.

Move your finger on the sand and execute the picture on your mind.

Make sure that the excess sand is gently patted back into the background without leaving the mark of your fingers. Place pebbles or seashells along the outline to give that beach look.

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