Pumpkin Picnic Palace


The joy of pottering around in the kitchen and preparing something edible and enjoyable can be a joyful experience especially if you are in your early teens. Before you start cooking remember safety, cleanliness and deep concentration are very important  in the kitchen!

Be careful with sharp implements and electrical appliances. Better still, get an older person to watch over you.
Here is a simple recipe for a nourishing health drink that you can prepare which can protect you from both dehydration and also undernourishment at the same time.

Vegetables like carrot, beetroot, sweet pumpkin can be made into delectable milkshakes! The vegetable puree when prepared in the following manner can be refrigerated for a fortnight.

1 (5)Ingredients required:

I kg of carrot, beetroot or sweet pumpkin, ½ liter of milk, 1/2 kg of sugar, 4 cardamoms and two cloves

Method of preparation:
Wash the vegetables well, peel them clean and cut them into fairly large chunks without peeling the skin.
Pour half a liter of milk on the cut vegetables and pressure cook the same.

Once the vegetables cool grind them into a fine paste using the food processor and add sugar to the mixture.

Roast the cloves and the cardamom and powder them before adding the same to the vegetable puree.

Mix the ingredients well with a clean spatula and transfer the contents into an airtight container and refrigerate the same.

Now your base is ready, whenever you feel like having a drink or entertaining your loved ones to a healthy yet tasty treat reach out for the readymade puree. All you have to do is add one table spoon of the puree to a glass of cold or hot milk and stir it well before serving. But then you will have to wait till it is at least sipped to receive your compliment!!!

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