Showcasing Gifts

Display space for the gifts one receives, time and again, is often not planned. Radha Prathi gives a few tips to make the most of available space.

he joy of household festivities and functions usually culminates when the household gathers around to have a look at the various gifts that have been presented by near and dear ones on the occasion. Many a time some gifts get duplicated or we end up receiving several variations of some gifts.

If gifts have utility value they can be used over a period of time, but if they are artifacts they can pose a problem to the receiver. Though people like to retain these gifts, they often find themselves at a loss as they do not know how to put them into use or display them.

When building or renovating homes we often do not plan to allot some extra space for displaying artifacts that we may buy or get as a gift.

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The usually replicated gifts happen to be Ganeshas, laughing Buddhas, lamps, fancy candles, flower vases, Haldi-Kumkum containers, clocks, and key chains amongst other things. If you use a little imagination you could make a cynosure of your collection. You could sort them out thematically and put them on view tastefully in a showcase at the eye level. When you stand back to appraise your arrangement you will be astonished to see how variations of one item can look so individualistic and beautiful carrying its very own unique signature.If you have a showcase or mantelpiece you could clear out one of them for executing an artistic idea. If you do not have the privilege of either, you could fix a readymade showcase on one of the walls at the eye level.

For instance, if you choose to display Ganeshas on your mantelpiece, you could line the walls of your showcase or the mantelpiece with cards, posters and pictures of the Lord to give it that exclusive background.

Once in a while you could change the contents of the showcase and display other similar items. Make sure to line the background with complimenting pictures to the chosen theme. If you adopt this procedure you will find the exercise very creative and interesting and you will not fear receiving similar gifts anymore. Moreover you will be surprised to find yourself shopping for exotic variations once the idea hooks on to you.

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