Making a Lot Out Of Little

Radha Prathi explains how to make the most of available space in ones home
Urban life in India is getting congested by the day. Space and basic civic amenities are becoming the major bones of contention. Ever heard of the golden advice which says – “Make the best out of a bad bargain”? The time is ripe to activate this sort of thinking and overcoming some day-to-day problems, with reference to domestic space in an innovative manner.

Walled in furniture

If you want to create more carpet space in your home, it is best to opt for walled in furniture. Dining tables, study tables, kitchen tables and even beds, can be fitted into the walls on the principle of drawbridges. Tables and cots can be unlatched from the walls and made to rest on foldable legs when they need to be used. And they can be latched back to the wall, leaving enough floor space when they are not in use. If you choose to have walled in furniture, then it is necessary to have strong interior walls with considerable thickness.

Furniture shops that deal with all genres of furnishings, have readymade fixtures with the required chains, safety latches, nuts and screws.  It is best that you first identify the walls in which you plan to house the furniture. It is best to avoid exterior walls for they could adulterate the safety factor of your home to a large extent. If you have built-in shelves or cupboards in the walls, they can be considered as ideal spots for they can hold books, crockery, bedding or anything else that you care to store in them.


Then use light wood, fibre glass or strong unbreakable plastic to make the piece of furniture you require and fix them in the walls. You could put up a large poster or paint the anterior side of the furniture, so that it does not appear odd or appear to be sticking out when it is latched up. This arrangement will give you anywhere from ten to twelve square feet of carpet space, besides helping you keep your home spic and span. This is because you can clean up the entire space and avoid dark corners and spaces in your home, which generally attract insects and sometimes even rodents.

Foldable partitions

These days, most people opt for open kitchens, dining spaces which flow into the living room. This is a good idea for if there were dividing walls, they would have occupied the precious little space. Yet, there are times when one feels the need for some privacy. In such cases, one could buy some foldable partitions which are six feet tall.

First, decide whether you want a semi-transparent or an opaque partition, and then decide the material in which you prefer it. One can get ornately carved wooden partitions, wrought iron partitions or just partition frames (like the ones you see in hospitals), in which you can fix cloth curtains and place them as and when necessary. This arrangement will help you enjoy the best of both the worlds of space and partial privacy in an aesthetic manner.
Linear shelves: Any number of shelves and cupboards in the house, sometimes prove to be insufficient because there is a constant need to keep a lot of things handy. In such cases, it is advisable to fix some wooden linear shelves along all the narrow wall spaces of the house. While the length of the shelf can go up to the roof, the width need not exceed ten inches and the depth of the shelf can be between six and ten inches.

Corner stands

You can fix a couple of corner slabs in conical or triangular shapes, made of wood, glass, metal or concrete, in the wall joints around five feet above the wall, and use the same to keep essentials or showpieces just in any place in your home. When you implement some of the suggested ideas, you will find that you not only have more carpet space but also have a lot more storing space within the perimeters of your own home — more leg space as they say!

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