Turn a Passion into a Career


       If a student has a flair for drawing, is creative and has a working knowledge of English he can step into the world of animation soon after he completes his tenth standard…
The youth of today have the advantage of turning their passion into careers with appropriate guidance, for just about every area of interest has specific courses that can guide an individual to pursue their dream. But the icing on the cake is the amount of career opportunities that unfold if one is qualified professionally in the chosen subject.
If a student has a flair for drawing, is creative and has a working knowledge of English he can step into the world of animation soon after he completes his tenth standard. There are several institutes in all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum have emerged as the country’s major animation hubs which cater to the specific needs of these students for a period of six months to eighteen months depending on the module chosen by the student.
Some institutes also offer full-fledged undergraduate courses in animation at the completion of twelfth standard. For students who are very serious about making their career in the field of animation there are several related courses which can be taken up by them both in India and abroad.
For those of you who are a little apprehensive about the subject though it has come into the educational scene a couple of years ago, “Animation is the rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement.” In other words drawings and sketches are mobilised using technology to give it the feel of movement.
When a student takes up any course in animation he is introduced to the history of animation and its several forms and is given a lot of practice in drawing and sketching which is technically known as 2D skills. As the student progresses he or she is introduced into skills of visualising and mastering 3D Animation, besides learning Character Design and Morphing.
Animation techniques are incredibly varied and difficult to categorise. Techniques are often related or combined. Hence the project guide of the individual student or the group takes up the responsibility of going that extra mile to help any new technique that the student may like to experiment with.
At the end of even the shortest course the institutes make sure that the students are familiar with the basic concepts of animation by making each student submit a project in place of exams. This frees prospective employers of these students of anxiety because the fundamentals imbibed during the course will help them to learn any new technique that they may have to use later on while on the job.
Animation has come a long way from the last century and from the USA and it has moved on to the other countries. This art form has never ceased to surprise and entertain the world with its incredible innovative forms and it has presently discovered its haven in India.
The world has realised that India has yet another talent for animation and its rich history culture and mythology has a lot more in store for the world than the eye can see. The runaway success of animated shows of Hanuman, Tenali Raman and Krishna among others has rejuvenated a renewed interest in India.  The Indian films with their special effects have not been missed by the discerning eye of the connoisseurs of the art either. This global recognition has led several Indian entrepreneurs to make mileage of the situation and as a result we have several reputed institutes like, MAAC, Arena, ANTS, Animaster, Toon School which have carved a niche for themselves in a rather short period. These institutes not only hone the skills of their students in a short period of time but also help them to plant themselves into a remunerative placement in reputed animation firms. Students have been placed with Toonz Animation, Crest Communications, Maya Entertainment, Silvertoon Studio, UTV Toons, Zee Institute of Creative Arts, 2NZ Studios, Pentamedia Graphics, Prasad Studios, Acropetal, JadooWorks, Color Chips and Heart Animation among other firms.
There is no dearth of state-of -the-art infrastructure with an ultra modern production theatre with the latest equipment. This facility coupled with English speaking Indians which has become mandatory in the world of animation and the Low cost of animation services has entertainment firms across the globe flocking to India. The fact that the titans of the industry like Walt Disney, Imax, Warner Brothers and Sony are signing up huge contracts with Indian animation companies speaks in volumes of the impending boom in the industry.
The time has come when it has become essential for parents and teachers to analyse the latent potential of children who fill up the last pages of notebooks, their desks, the walls in their toilets and any other canvass with sketches of incomprehensible characters and spend undue interest in cartoon shows and animated games can bundle off their worries. Perhaps a budding animation expert is asleep in their psyche.
Multimedia in Animation
Animation has brought many imaginary characters and stories to life. From Mickey Mouse’s endearing antics to Lara Croft’s edge-of-the-seat adventures, generations have grown up admiring this magic. In India alone, 300.000* professionals by 2008 are expected to be employed in the animation Industry. Animation Application Areas include Entertainment (Movies, Television). Business (Marketing Demos, Product Promotions), Sales (Presentations), Education (CBTs/WBTs), Tourism (Kiosks), Publishing (Graphics & Printing), Web Design, Virtual Reality for Simulations in Defense, Engineering. Advertising (Commercials, Print Ads), Interiors and Fashion Design.

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