A Pleasure to Work from Home


Many people of different professions prefer to work from home these days. Radha Prathi gives some tips on how to set up ones office at home while maintaining a professional decor.
When you actually give it a thought working from home is not really a western idea. A stopover in some of the busiest business areas in the cities of India will reveal that the front verandah of the home invariably is invariably transformed into a shop or office area from where one can conduct ones day to day activities all the while wallowing in the comfort of their homes.
Today working from home is not restricted to a certain section of the business class. Just about everyone from the corporate employees to lawyers to teachers to tailors carry on their daily business from home. Hence it is very important for homes with such working people to have exclusive office areas so that their private domestic world does not get embroiled into the nitty-gritty of their professional lives.
Work zone
If you are in the process of building your own individual house or flat you could assign one of the front corner rooms along with an attached bathroom as your work zone. If the room has large windows it will cut down the cost of the electricity bills as it will let in natural light and air for most of the day.
The entrance door of this room can be fixed in the outer wall of the house or it could open into the verandah of your home for increased security. If you do not have any option except to use your already existing premises you could make a couple of alterations following a few tips.
It is best to avoid expensive artefacts or articles that have sentimental value as décor items in office rooms as it can be very upsetting when they are damaged inadvertently by a stranger. If you have lucky charms pictures or idols of gods or holy sayings that are framed keep their number limited.
If the décor of the room has functional value then it will appear more meaningful.
The furnishings of this room should be removed from the décor of the rest of the home in terms of the colours of the walls, the carpet, the furniture and curtains to give it that official look. It is best to keep each of these aspects simple yet made of sturdy material as it will be easy to clean and maintain in the long run.
One of the walls of the room could be adorned with huge notice board on which you could pin up your motto, inspirational pictures, and sayings, copies of deadlines, reminders, notes, or instructions to an assistant and a list of things that need to be attended to immediately.
Make sure that the notice board does not look shabby or cluttered. Pin up some interesting information, greeting cards sent by clients or partners, or a hilarious joke or picture from time to time to attract the attention of even regular clients to the board. If space permits a tiny notice board on the outside of the room can be put up with necessary information like timings, nature of work carried out among other things.
If you do not have inbuilt shelves, you could buy a couple of readymade ones to stock your files, samples and your records. A water cooler or a filter in the room will take care of your clients thirst. If your room is large enough you could place single sofa or divan along with a coffee table besides housing an office table and a couple of chairs. A vase of fresh flowers or some healthy indoor potted plants will add that green touch to your room. A clock and calendar in the room can help you keep track of time in the den.
To enhance that clinical professional look do not clutter the room with stocks or household items and keep the premises clean at all times.
This arrangement will give the clients a feel of a professional set up besides giving the inmates of the home a sense of privacy and security and you will never ever want to work away from home after enjoying the best of both the worlds.

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