Signature Pot

One can recycle even metallic pots that have lost their hue and convert them into beautiful household decorations, says Radha Prathi.
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Most highways and main roads of India have wayside stalls selling terracotta pots, lamps and artefacts. Some of the large pots and ewers that look straight out of Moorish pictures never fail to attract buyers. Most of these pots look rather exotic and since they can be picked up for a bargain price, they are bought dime a dozen. Usually these pieces painted in metallic hues are placed in corners as showpieces and sometimes they are made to function as flower vases. After the initial charm wears off and one starts finding them dreary, you can recycle them in innovative ways – by perhaps changing them into a side stool using resources found in your home.
First of all choose pots with a height of two or three feet and soak them in plain water overnight to tease out the dust and dirt that it might have accumulated over a period of time. Then bring out your sequins, mirrors, zari laces and other such embellishments and glue them onto the pot at strategic points in order to rejuvenate its looks. Then surf your home for suitable brass plates or metallic trays in unusual shapes and use a good adhesive to fix it on the mouth of the pot and you will find that your very own side stool is ready for use.
Place the unique stools in the corners of your living room and you can place a family picture frame, telephone, clock, flower vase or an artefact on them in turns. You can be rest assured that you will make heads turn at the sight of your earthen urns.

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