Rare Moments of Closeness


Good food is mandatory for mealtimes. Psychiatrists vouch for the fact that families that eat together have better bonding. Hence it becomes all the more necessary to have roomy dining spaces in your homes. Of late, homes no longer house exclusive dining halls in their homes. Dining spaces are mere extensions of living rooms or open kitchens where one can place the dining table. This arrangement has a lot of practical value as it allows for more space without dividing walls. In compact apartments and homes the dining tables are placed in prominent positions from where the entire home is visible. The current trend reveals that the television in most homes is placed in a strategic position so that people seated at the dining table have the facility to watch TV. Moreover people of all age groups prefer to use the dining table to carry out their daily chores. On the flipside the lack of a dividing wall does not extend privacy to the dining area. Often it appears as if the dining table has been placed in the far corner of the living room as there is no other suitable place for it in the house. Besides there is no point in eating together as a family if one is going to be surfing channels on the television.
This picture can be altered and the dining space can be turned into a cosy little room just during mealtimes with a little care and attention on our part. First and foremost it is important that the area which houses the dining table should have windows or at least ventilators in the area. One could fix sliding glass or polyfibre doors or foldable carved wooden screens as a small partition to cordon off the place. A curtain that compliments the walls of your home would also suffice as a dividing wall just for a while.
Merely having a dining table and chairs does not construe to the concept of dining spaces. You could fix readymade shelves with transparent glass doors all along one of the walls to house the crockery and cutlery. Make sure that you fix a curtain rod over this shelf and hang a curtain that matches or contrasts the curtains in the living room area.A wash basin and a towel rod in a convenient spot in the premises will facilitate the inmates of the house.
It will be helpful to follow certain ground rules to follow while making use of your dining room. Make sure that you keep the dining area as a private spot in your home and maintain the sanctity, peace and quiet of the place. If there is enough wall space you could make a scrap board consisting of some family photographs which will help you hop into nostalgic trips when you have your extended family and friends over for dinner.
Once the purpose of the dining space is served, you could draw the partition away and use the space as an extension of the rest of the home. While doing so do clear the table and place a vase of fresh flowers or an eye-catching artefact on the dining table. Do not forget to draw the curtain over the crockery shelf and place the foldable partition to barricade the wash basin.
This way you can enjoy the best of both the worlds while improvising on your space.

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