American Education In India

Foreign education delivered at home
Radha Prathi
American Higher Education will soon open its campuses for higher education in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

American Higher Education (AHEd), a leading global learning solutions firm, is aware of these changes and has been trying to bring home top-quality education from leading American universities in a user-friendly way. To achieve this, AHEd is planning to use modern technology, differentiated learning methods and content-specific strategies for improving student performance. They would also initiate global interaction under the supervision of experts, in order to promote deeper understanding of the content.

Dr Leonard Hausman, Founder, Vice Chairman, and Chief Academic Officer of American Higher Ed, Inc, explains how interactive programme differs from other e-learning programmes: “The strength of Asian countries lie in the fact that they can interact in English. Globalisation has also helped them adjust to the idea of ‘Higher Prices’ and so, the time is ripe to offer them the highest quality of higher education in Engineering, Teacher Training and Management.”

Two of their projects are already underway in Abu Dhabi and the response has been encouraging. Nagesh Singh, President, AHEd, said: “We’ll be offering the best of higher education, corporate training, and skill enhancement programmes from Columbia, Harvard and Boston Universities. Programmes in these areas are at an early stage and will be expanded later according to market requirements.”

Dr Hausman, who began his career as a teacher two decades ago has first hand experience of launching educational programmes, believes that AHEd will be successful, as it is committed to extend undiluted academic standards to students of different countries.

Students hoping to enroll themselves for the masters programmes of the universities will still have to meet the prerequisites. They will have to take TOEFL and GRE tests. But the silver lining is that the courses will cost considerably less. AHEd has plans to set up campuses of US universities in Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad, which would have the look-and-feel of the original campuses back home.

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